Arctic Chain Hackathon - cold, code and cash!

In search of the best programming solutions and business ideas, Boden Business Park and Boden Business Agency now, together with, invite creative people to compete in the development of blockchain technology.

Do you want to, alone or in a team, adopt the programming challenge in a real case with the chance to win SEK 50,000? Or do you perhaps have the world's best business idea you want to test on a jury? Then you should'nt miss the second edition of Arctic Chain Hackathon - In Boden, May 7-9, 2019.


Challenges & rules -Take part in forming the blockchain

On May 7-9, 2019 the second edition of Arctic Chain Hackathon is arranged at Boden Business Park, Sweden. It will be challenging days in the name of the blockchain technology.

The hackathon is a competition that has two different challenges to choose from; Business idea and Coding.

Programming - 1250 SEK / person inkl VAT (free for students).
The price includes food and snacks all weekend and hotel accommodation (limited number, first come, first served).

Business concept - free of charge. The winner is presented on the dinner at wednesday night.

Register your / your team by April 30, 2019.

Business idea

Challenge the jury, that includes Blockchain experts and venture capitalists, by pitching your own unique blockchain business idea.

There are many uses for a public open source ledger. We are looking for bright teams who want to come and try their hand and impressing the judges. Bring your best business ideas which can release the full potential of the blockchain. This is open to anyone who wants to see if they have the entrepreneurial skills to develop and build one of Sweden’s next great successes.

Winning price: Well, you guess!

Coding - theme Democray 4.0

Challenge the jury, consisting of programming experts, by pitching your best programming solutions to a task from a real case. An exciting and challenging task will be handed out on Tuesday morning, all necessary API documentation will then be available to all contestants at the same time. Experts will be on site to give advice and guidance, but mostly you will work on your own - either alone or in a team.

The challenge is to stimulate innovation in smart public administration, or Democracy 4.0, with a focus on children's rights to integrity.

The little we can reveal now is that the challenge will include interaction with the Hyperledger block chain and it is an advantage if you have knowledge of Restful API, Javascript and NodeJS.

Winning price: Best solution wins SEK 50,000 & second best wins 20,000 SEK


Don’t miss the opportunity to create, learn and meet new people.


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